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Animal Crackers Dog Training

We are pleased to announce that Animal Crackers will be offering private dog training! 

Miriam completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in Spring of 2017 at OSU and as of Fall 2017, she passed her Certified Professional Dog Training-Knowledge Assessment test! She worked at a local humane society in the Enrichment & Training Department for two years and is our current dog (and cat!) trainer here at Animal Crackers. Not only does she have a background in training, but she also rides horses and has a love for pocket pets. Miriam has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to start sharing her experience with clients. Please contact Miriam at: miriam@animalcrackerspetsupply.com





Question: How long have you been training?

Miriam: In 2015 I began studying dog training and shortly after I began my internship. In 2016 I was hired for my first official dog training position.


Question: When did you get your certification?

Miriam: I first got my BS in Animal Science and then I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer on October 30, 2017.


Question: What does your certification mean?

Miriam: It means that I passed a knowledge thoery test which is the science behind dog training. I also follow a code of ethics that the worldwide industry is trying to regulate. I am also an evaluator for Canine Good Citizen tests.


Question: What theory do you follow?

Miriam: I am a science, reward-based trainer. I follow LIMA, which stands for, Least Invasive, Minimally Adversive. I like to use a lot of positive reinforcement!


Question: What do you specialize in or what is your favorite thing to work on?

Miriam: I really specialize in dog and people reactivity. Arousal issues and undoing unwanted behaviors are things that I really enjoy because I love watching the small victorious moments.


Question: What kind of training will you be offering?

Miriam: For now, I will only be offering private, one-on-one sessions.


Question: How much will it cost?

Miriam: The mandatory first consulation will be $75 for 90 minutes. After that, each 1 hour private session will be $65.